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The SONICK Battery by FzSoNick

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The Safe Energy Storage System

This safe, smart and reliable Sodium Nickel Chloride (SoNick)

battery system made by Swiss battery powerhouse FzSoNick. This battery

technology uses heated salt (NaCl) at the negative electrode and nickel (Ni)

as the positive electrode. The battery’s safe chemistry assures it has zero

harmful emissions and is completely recycleable.



Sodium Nickel Chloride Batteries:

• High capacity (though smaller and lighter than Traditional batteries)

• Reliable at high temperatures (no cooling needed)

• Long life (reliability guaranteed for many years)

• No maintenance

• No dangerous materials, either

in manufacture or use


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Side-by-side comparison of ~20 kWh battery storage


Energy storage batteries come in a variety of different sizes and weights and each have different characteristics. If you have a lot of suitable space to store your battery this may not be relevant but if you are limited in space you may want to consider one of the smaller batteries.


Below is a comparison of some of the most common batteries currently available in Australia with comparisons of size for a similar sized 20kWh system.


If there is a possibility of moving house you will need take into account the battery size as well as its weight if you want to move it with you..

u Hot cell (~270°C inside) u Operating Temperature (-20 to +60°C) u Cycling Capability > 3,500 to >4,500 cycles (80% DOD) u Battery energy density 100-120Wh/kg 150-190Wh/lt u Long Shelf life u No memory effect


Approximate side by side comparison of a 20kWh battery application


Battery Temperature Critical


Most batteries will operate, with varying degrees of effectiveness in the 5 – 35 °C range so are fine for the autumn and spring operating months, however if you want a battery that will also operate efficiently in winter and summer you need to understand how temperature has an effect on a batteries operating capabilities.


The ambient weather temperatures have a large impact on the performance and on the life of most batteries and unfortunately, it’s a characteristic that isn’t often talked about.


The optimum temperature for most batteries to operate at is around 25°C and this is the temperature all battery testing is performed at. When temperatures vary, either up or down there is an effect on the performance and life of most batteries.


Sustainable energy solutions with battery storage
Best battery energy solutions to solar power Australia

The FzSoNick Sodium Nickel Chloride or SoNick batteries are the only batteries that will really work in temperatures over 40°C and these temperatures  don’t cause the SoNick battery to deteriorate so won’t have a detrimental effect to the batteries longevity. This is particularly important in hot areas of Australia or in bushfire prone areas.

100% Recyclable with an end of life recycle program in place.


The battery materials are recycled to produce stainless steel, the  nickel and iron go into alloys

and the salt and ceramic are used for  road beds.

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