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       Sodium Nickel Chloride Batteries:

    High capacity (though smaller and lighter than Traditional batteries)

    No diesel fumes

    No noise

    Fast power drawdown

    No fire or explosion risk

    No gas emissions

    No cooling required

    No carbon generated in operation

    Rapid easy charging from any external power supply

    No maintenance required

    Very low total cost of ownership

    Wide Temperature operating environments (-20°C to +60°C)

    Very Long Shelf life

    Compact size

    No maintenance

    No dangerous materials

The GridEdge transportable energy storage trailer and units are a smart energy storage solution that uses a rechargeable Sodium Nickel Chloride battery technology designed to store energy to replace the use of diesel generators at building sites, festivals or events.


Using breakthrough technologies and advanced stored energy equipment, we offer a range of turnkey silent operating, non-carbon generation, environmentally safe and secure electrical systems to address the growing need for secure energy supply.


No Carbon generated, Silent Operation, No Fumes,

 Wide Operating Temperature Range. -20°C to +60°C

 Batteries Recent advances in battery technology have helped the successful development of pure electric transportable energy storage units. The GridEdge Energy storage trailers and containers use FzSoNick's Sodium Nickel Chloride battery units, giving it unprecedented safe, reliable, energy storage capacity and operational range. The Swiss-made SoNick batteries use sodium nickel chloride technology, with their benefits including: • Designed for long life and reliability • Not affected by external temperatures • Can be stored indefinitely fully charged • Lightweight • High energy and power density The Sodium Nickel Chloride used in GridEdge Energy storage trailers and containers are virtually maintenance free, and this will result in significant cost savings. The unique battery management interface ensures that the batteries system can’t be damaged by inappropriate operation or charging protocols. Unlike other batteries available for electric storage, these controlled temperature batteries operate without loss of performance or life expectancy in virtually any conditions. Highlights Technical Features: Steel cell case and double stainless steel device case
 Integrated system (BMS) for monitoring, diagnostics and data logging
 User interface on front panel
 Ready for remote diagnostics and monitoring
 Compatible with any DC power supply and standard telecom rectifiers
 Scalable with parallel operation
 No memory effect
 BMS diagnostics alert on anomalies and disconnect the device in case of serious failure
 Supplementary protection with an independent circuitry in the event of BMS failure
 Integrated low voltage disconnect (LVD) Reliability: Robust, proven components Quality chassis design and assembly Abuse-tolerant batteries Integrated on-board charge system Precision battery metre (fuel gauge) Safety: • Battery modules electrically isolated • Interlocks on all high-voltage cabinets • Hermetically-sealed batteries – no gases produced • No exposed electrical terminals • No battery maintenance • No frame corrosion because no battery gases are created Life-Cycle Costs: • Long-life batteries • Low maintenance components • Forklifts, battery trucks, load banks not required • Minimal training for use • Fuel costs much lower than for a diesel • Use of on-board electronics for charging functions Technical Specifications Applications and Key Benefits: Sodium Nickel Chloride energy storage systems are specifically designed for many applications Suitable for outdoor or indoor locations with elevated or extreme temperatures
 Installations with poor grid connection and frequent power outages
 Installations in locations where regular on-site maintenance is costly or not possible
 Constant performance and long design life at -20°C to +60°C / -4°F to 140°F 
 operation No cooling required
 >3000 – >4500 cycles at 80% DoD
 100% maintenance free in operation
 Allows remote monitoring
 Specific energy: 70%lighter and
30%smaller than conventional backup systems
 Very low total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other battery power technologies
 No outgasing and zero ambient emission
 Very long shelf life without maintenance: stores energy indefinitely when not connected Capacity: • Car trailer units from 10kWhs to 100kWhs • 10ft Standard Sea Container On truck towable trailer from 100kWhs to 500kWhs • 20ft “High Cube” Sea Container from 500kWhs to 1.4MkWhs
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