Safe Sustainable Battery Systems

We went looking for a battery, something that would give long term reliable energy supply and have minimal impact on the environment. Nothing in Australia satisfied us.

So we scoured all corners of the earth to find a better solution… and we found it.

The Sodium Nickel Chloride (SoNick) ‘molten salt’ battery. It’s at the heart of the incredible range of safe, truly sustainable energy solutions we’re building for Australia.

The SoNick battery

UL9540A certified for safety

  • Non-toxic materials and no rare earths
  • 100% recyclable battery
  • Will not explode or catch fire
  • Extreme operational temperature range
  • Long life & low life-time cost
  • A broad range of configurations
  • See the battery details here


It’s easy to get a SoNick battery installed with our installation partners or working with us directly for larger, more complex installations.

Home or Office Building

Contact one of our installation partners directly to assess your battery and PV needs. They’ll look after you. Just be sure to let them know you want a Grid Edge SoNick battery.

We’re very discerning about who we recommend.

And we’re looking for more installers!

If you’re an installer and want to offer the safest, most sustainable energy storage solution on the market then head over here to enquire about our installer program.

Customised Commercial Solutions

We also work closely with businesses to build customised solutions. From bespoke portable solutions to power large sites or complex installations – your own or your customers.

Our Products

Whether we’re building your system from the battery upwards, or delivering a customisable off the shelf solution, we’ve got you covered. See our product solutions we’re building with our partners, and the batteries that power them:





The SoNick batteries have been in commercial use for over 20 years in everything from Residential storage to large Grid Storage solutions. It’s a well tested chemistry that’s been widely adopted in other countries with incredible results.

Just some of the applications include:

  • Residential PV Storage – Off and On Grid
  • Office Premises PV Storage
  • On site portable power
  • Emergency Power
  • RVs and portable homes
  • UPS and backup
  • Telecommunications
  • Micro-Grid
  • Industrial power support
  • Industrial Equipment
  • EVs
  • and so much more

You can see some great case studies here or do a deep dive on the battery technology here.
Or get in touch, we love talking batteries and are happy to help!