About Us

Grid Edge

Grid Edge is an independent, privately owned company, a leader in providing energy storage solutions to the Australasian market.

We started in 2014 when John was looking for battery storage for his home and was appalled at the performance and environmental sustainability of the solutions on the market.

We’ve grown to a small team with a deep range of expertise who have partnerships and collaborations with some of Australia’s leading experts.

We’re not owned by a utility, manufacturer or large corporation so we’re able to provide independent, frank advice.

We’re passionate about outstanding customers service, something so often sorely lacking these days in the energy storage industry.

We pride ourselves on advising and delivering the best solutions for our customers and partners – even if that involves recommending competing solutions. The last thing we want is someone unhappy with our solutions.

Our partnership with FZSoNick

FZSoNick are the manufacturer of the Sodium Nickel batteries we import. They’re the market leader for SoNick battery technology.

We’ve partnered with FZSoNick to be the SoNick Australian distributor to the Australasian market because we believe it’s the best energy storage solution for so many situations.

We’re using the SoNick batteries to build a range of solutions to suit the unique features of the Australian landscape.

The SoNick technology solves the environmental battery recycling challenge, as all components are 100% recyclable. This means, our technology fulfils the holistic call for sustainable “cradle to grave” energy usage.

Our local partnerships

We hunt out some of the best people in the business to work with.

We find the best installers who, like us, have strong ethics and value integrity. You can get in touch with a local installer here.

We partner with manufacturers, engineers and designers who are leaders in their field.

Our Services

We have experience in delivering:

  • Public Forums
  • On the field advice
  • Training
  • Education

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