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Become a SoNick Installer

If you want to provide the best solutions for your clients and care about whole of life sustainability you could be a perfect partner for us.

Adding a SoNick battery option for your customers gives you a powerful point of difference and puts you ahead of the curve.

With a growing awareness of the problems with Lithium batteries and other chemistries, the demand for this battery is only going to grow as our marketing and partners expand.

One thing our installers love the most is that the SoNick battery requires zero maintenance. It just works.

This page should give you what you need to decide if it’s worthwhile talking to us.

FZSoNick battery technology

The Sodium Nickel battery is a simple and sophisticated solution to energy storage. They’re manufactured in Switzerland from primarily EU sourced non-toxic materials, giving your most environmentally conscious customers a solution they’ll love.

Highlight features:

SoNick battery features:
  • UL9540A certified
    > Non flammable
    > Non explosive
  • Full operation from -20°C to +60°C
  • High energy density
  • No degradation of capacity
  • 100% recyclable battery
  • No dangerous materials
  • No memory effect
  • No maintenance
  • Long Life
  • Made in Switzerland

If you haven’t yet, head over here for a more in depth run down on Sodium Nickel battery technology and then head back over here.

For most building applications, our 48V TL range is the perfect choice, with the 200Ah 9.6kWh the best value per Watt. Here’s a spec sheet, or take a look at our full range here.

What we’re looking for

We’re currently building a network of partner installers across Australia who ‘get it’.

We’re not looking to be on offer from every solar installer in the country, we want partners we can trust so that we know referrals we make will be looked after.

If you’re offering a SoNick battery, you’ll be part of a network that’s building a reputation for great customer service and high quality products.

What Inverters does the SoNick work with?

The SoNick battery can be made to work with many inverters, however due to the sophisticated BMS on the battery not every inverter on the market is able to read the SOC ‘out of the box’.

The Victron is the best choice for building a PV system with a SoNick battery, they’ve been configured to accurately read the BMS.

Victron has CEC approval for the 3kVA and 5kVA Multiplus-II (with the 8 & 10kVA due the second half of 2022 – currently they’re only for off-grid).

We also build systems with CE+T and Schneider inverters.

What you get

You’ll get thorough training and an installation manual on installing the SoNick battery. We assume you’ve already undertaken training on whatever inverter you use.

  • We’ll directly support you to get up to speed with your first couple of installs
  • You can leverage our expertise for complex jobs
  • We’ll let you know about battery, product and inverter updates
  • We’ll also place you on our installer list on our website and send customers your way

Common Questions

  • Can a SoNick do AC and DC connected systems? Yes, it’s ‘just’ a battery.
  • Can a SoNick system have multiple batteries? Yes.
  • Can a SoNick system have batteries added at a later date? Yes, without issues.
  • Do we provide a ‘system in a box’? No, but we’re working on it.
  • What do you house the battery in? We can provide racks that fit 1-5 SoNick’s perfectly.
  • Does the SoNick require cooling? No, just passive ventilation up to 60C

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